Golden Jubilee Celebration Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir is celebrating its Golden Jubilee year during the year 2014–15.

Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir was founded by Hathayogi Nikam Guruji in the year 1965 on the auspicious day of Gudi Padwa and has entered into 50th year.

Yoga is undoubtedly India's gift to the entire human race. Hathayogi Nikam Guruji himself studied the ancient Indian yoga texts, practiced and experienced the effects. Based on his experiences, he has presented to the society a wonderful package encapsulated in trimester course which can be called a veritable ambrosia for the mankind. Realizing the value of this science, he decided to impart this knowledge to others as selfless service.

Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir has been operating on the same principles for last 50 years, even after Guruji’s mahanirvana in 1999. Today, we have a dedicated and trained cadre of 2500 teachers and can proudly say that several lakhs of people have availed the benefits of his teachings. Institute has more than 70 branches spread over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and suburbs. Number of branches are operative elsewhere in Maharashtra, other states in India as well as in countries such as U.S.A., Canada, Mauritius and Australia.

To commemorate the Golden Jubilee Year, Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir has organized a Yoga Convention at its head quarter in Thane.

Registration for the event is now closed,
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